Crumbly Baileys Fudge

This fudge sure does pack a good flavour hit of Baileys.

Every year at Christmas our family like to indulge in the slightly less tradition Christmas dessert which is a Baileys Cheesecake. Which means we have a cheeky bottle of the famous creamy Irish Liquor so as any baker would I like to use the remaining bottle in experimental bakes. I used it in the pancake dish that I did for Tipple Box and pancake day for the Baileys and coffee American style pancakes. Bringing us to the latest bake (not really sure I can call it a bake) crumbly baileys fudge.

This fudge resembles the classic Scottish tablet, which is a delicious crumbly fudge type sweet. It is perfect when served with a little glass of baileys (and obviously ice) or even a mug of baileys coffee.

• 250g caster sugar
• 250g light brown sugar
• 45g golden syrup
• 40g maple syrup
• 170ml evaporated milk
• 100ml semi-skimmed milk
• 50ml double cream
• 50ml baileys
• Pinch salt
• ½ tsp nutmeg
• 1tsp vanilla extract
• 25g dark chocolate, chopped
• 50g unsalted butter (plus extra for greasing)

1. Start by greasing a square 9-inch tin.
2. Then place the caster sugar, light brown sugar, golden syrup, maple syrup, evaporated milk, semi-skimmed milk, double cream, salt, nutmeg and 30ml of the baileys in a heavy based saucepan on a medium heat.
3. Dissolve the sugar and then place on a high heat and bring to boil, stirring occasionally.
4. Once this mixture reaches 114°C on a sugar thermometer remove from the heat and add the butter, vanilla and dark chocolate and mix till its all melted and thoroughly combined.
5. Then add the remaining baileys and pop back on a medium heat and bring to 114°C again.
6. Then remove this from the heat and leave to cool for 5 minutes.
7. Then beat the mixture for 2 -3 minutes and press into the baking tin and leave for at least two hours to set and cool.
8. Once completely cool cut into the desired shapes and sizes and dig in!!!

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