Oreo Cheesecake Recipe


This cheesecake is full of Oreos. It has an Oreo biscuit base, an Oreo cream cheese topping and is scattered with crushed Oreos for decoration. I made this as requested by the mother. I asked her what kind of cake she would like for her birthday, expecting the typical birthday cake but she asked for an Oreo cheesecake as I made one a couple of years ago, and she’s been on at me ever since to make it again. So as requested I whipped up an Oreo cheesecake and thought I’d share the recipe with you.  This is perfect for all occasions though, whether it’s a dinner party, for dessert or an alternative option for a birthday cake.




For the biscuit base:

·         240g Oreos

·         50g butter

For the topping:

·         500g full fat cream cheese

·         310ml double cream

·         100g icing sugar

·         1tsp vanilla extract

·         160g Oreos

For the decoration:

·         100ml double cream

·         50g icing sugar

·         80g Oreos



For the biscuit base:

1.       Firstly, line the base of an 8-inch cake tin. 

2.       Crush the Oreos, you can do this by placing them in a zip lock bag and bashing them with a rolling pin or placing them in a bowl and crushing them with a rolling pin.

3.       Once the biscuits are crushed melt the pour and pour it over the biscuits. Then mix them together.

4.       Place the biscuit mix in to the prepared cake tin and leave to set in the fridge whilst you prepare the filling.


For the topping:

1.       Beat together the full fat cream cheese and the icing sugar in a bowl.

2.       In a separate bowl whisk the double cream and vanilla extract till stiff peaks.

3.       Then fold in the whipped cream with the cream cheese mixture and combine it all.

4.       Next crush the Oreos in the same way, as the base.

5.       Then add the crushed Oreos to the cream mixture and fold them in.

6.       Spoon this mixture over the biscuit base and leave to set in the fridge overnight.


For the decoration:

1.       Whip the double cream and icing sugar together till you form stiff peaks.

2.       Place the whipped cream into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle, then pipe rosettes around the cake.

3.       Chop half the Oreos to achieve chunky pieces and crush the remaining half.

4.       Scatter the chopped Oreos in the centre of the cake and scatter the crushed ones on top of the piped cream.



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