Sally Lunn “The Original Bath Bun”

The original Bath bun

So, the sister visited Bath and brought me back one of the famous Sally Lunn Buns. This bun is often described as part cake, part bread. The bun is like a slightly lighter version of a brioche bun and can be served either sweet or savoury. Now as your probably aware from my previous posts I have a HUGE sweet tooth so I went for this option. However, my sister went for the savoury option. She served hers with creamy scrambled eggs and caramelised red onion. I opted for a classic jam and cream filled iced bun.



·         1 Sally Lunn Bun (or any brioche bun)

·         6tbsp of your favour jam (I’ve opted for raspberry)

·         250ml Double Cream

·         100g Icing Sugar (sifted)

·         200g Icing Sugar (sifted)

·         3 tsp Cold Water



1.       Firstly, slice the bun in half and spread the jam over the bottom layer.

2.       Secondly using a handhold whisk, whisk the double cream with 100g icing sugar, till stiff peaks are formed.

3.       Then spread the sweetened cream on top of the jam and place the top of the bun on to it.

4.       Next take the 200g icing sugar and add the cold water and mix to form a thick icing, and pour the icing on top.

5.       Finally dig in!!!!




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